During last October’s Exchange Rates expo in Brooklyn we talked to Sluice__  about what running an arts project means to us during a break from our residency on the rooftop of Vazquez ( A new arts building project) making performance work, sound collage and site specific interventions. 

This series of interviews is called Encounters- if you liked our encounter- you might be interested in the others from Exchange Rates https://sluice.info/encounters 

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A selection of images from our International Women’s Day #IWD14 event at The Penthouse with For Books Sake and No More Page 3- mass feminist collage session by Jane Bradley and Anne Louise Kershaw. An open studio for project A Packet of Crisps and a Bottle of Coke by Debbie Sharp and an open sound and found object workshop and performance by Rosanne Robertson. Thank you to everyone who made it a very special and important day. Profits will be added to the proceeds from a release of a one off audio/visual artwork and document of the day- to be available to purchase soon and donated to Manchester Rape Crisis. 

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For International Women’s Day, explore the theme of ‘Women as Peacemakers’ by (Re)Making your own Peace. From 4pm until 10pm, The Penthouse will be open for you to come along and look at what destroys your peace, then reimagine, redefine and re-build it using word, image, sound and the senses!

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The Penthouse, Manchester does Sluice Art Fair, London. Some images from our table pitch over the weekend w/ Rosanne Robertson, Debbie Sharp, Gary Fisher and Benny McChrystal Plimmer 18-20 Oct 2013 

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Debbie Sharp- Co founder / Director / Artist - The Penthouse www.debbie-sharp.com  https://debbiesharpblog.tumblr.com/  @iamdebbiesharp 

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Call for Artists

NOISE ABOVE NOISE is a new live sound art event by The Penthouse in Manchester city centre. The Penthouse welcome and support experimentation, improvisation, risk taking, challenges and new ideas. NOISE ABOVE NOISE is currently sporadic with views to be monthly. For this event we require artists wishing to try out new ideas and develop new live works. 

What? This is a call for new live work that needs to be heard. We do not care about categories, formats or which terminology you use to describe your work. 

Who? All live and/or sound artists.

Where? The Penthouse is an artist led work space on Hilton Street in Manchester City Centre’s Northern Quarter. Our hands get dirty and our ideas fly from the rooftops. 

Why? Because new sound art is important and we want to share it. 

When? Deadline for this call out is 23 October 2013. From this call we will select 2/3 artists/groups to be part of the next NOISE ABOVE NOISE mid November (date tbc) and we will also select artists to stay on ‘the books’ for future events. 

Money? We don’t have any. There is a suggested donation on the door which can be split between artists for travel expenses. If the night sees more support in coming months then other artists costs will be able to be covered in time.

How to Apply: Send us up to 3 examples of your live work in whichever format you choose to communicate it. Send us a short piece of writing on your proposed piece for the evening. Send to thepenthousenq@gmail.com with NOISE in the subject box. 

Things to consider: We are an unconventional space- a 1960’s office block which has barely been done up any since. We are mainly corridor - which is a challenging space to work/perform in. This inbetween space is important to us and we enjoy utilising it in new ways. You have to bring all of your own setup. We have various tables that can be used- we also encourage artists to use the space in as many new ways as they can imagine- tables aren’t always the way. We have many electrical points. 

We look forward to hearing from you

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2 Koi Karp’s recent performance on the staircase for Be Live at The Penthouse. Louise Woodcock (Poppycock, ex-Womb) & Neil VG (Gnod, Terminal Cheesecake). 

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Curry and Darts night is back! Plenty time to work up an appetite as it is on July 9th. Reserve your seats by emailing SPICE UP MY LIFE! to thepenthousenq@gmail.com

Visit Page

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Recordings by Graham Dunning during his Penthouse Residency from the fifth OSG open workshop at The Penthouse, 11th April 2013.

Participants were Debbie Sharp, Rosanne Robertson, Gary Fisher, Coryn Smethurst, Louise Woodcock, Rose Niland and Graham Dunning.

These recordings feature instruments including found tapes; feedback; lap steel guitar; bass guitar; radio; interference; vocal improvisation; found objects; percussion; sheet metal; hammers; pieces of wood.

Sounds vary from quiet drone through to abject noise; arrhythmical, rhythmical; melodic and dissonant.

The cover image is a photo of Rosanne Robertson’s metal sheet used during the recordings.

Graham carried out OSG 5 as part of his residency also during his residency he reacted to the city and the process of returning after 2 years. To see more of Graham’s work including more of his residency visit his website https://grahamdunning.com/ and also check out the video of his Penthouse drone session with Testrack and Gary Fisher on our homepage. 

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We are very pleased to announce that The Penthouse have been successful in their proposal to Arts Council England for funding for 'From the Rooftops’. From the Rooftops is a series of artist residencies and related open studios/shows/events as well as a pair of live art events and a group show. This will also involve a revamp on how we communicate activity, including a new website and an experiment into communicating ‘hands dirty’ art via all the senses. Details and call for artists to follow so keep an eye out for updates via our facebook, twitter and tumblr. A big thanks to ACE for supporting this artist led activity. We can’t wait to get stuck in! 




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Some fantastic shots of Coryn Smethurst’s work in progress, can’t wait to hear the finished sounds of cutting and slicing. 

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We are excited to announce Gary Fisher as current artist chosen for The Penthouse Residency. Gary will be working in Suite 2 until March 7 2013 with a live work as part of our next event on March 1st. 

Gary Fisher is an experimental sound and visual artist who’s work is a continuous process of experimentation and enquiry focused around instinctive and investigatory responses to sounds, images, objects, words and places. Central to this process is a fascination with sound which is explored through amplifying textures, surfaces and objects, testing the sound-making possibilities of objects, using found objects and found sounds and making improvised performances. This includes experimenting with various media and approaches, combining analogue with digital technologies and alternative approaches to conventional instruments and techniques. A constant “work in progress” this approach produces many outcomes and by-products including; sound recordings, performance, drawing, collage, photography, texts installation and more which can each be seen as works in their own right and as part of the larger work that is the result of the experimental process. Ideas of repetition (loops, patterns and cycles), movement, and space often feature and the work often relates to the space In which it is created or performed as the immediate environment provides the basis to create new works. The research and the results are one and the same.
In the Penthouse:
Sounds will be recorded, drawings made, photographs taken, experiments performed, texts written. The residency space will become a working studio: a place to collate and organize research, a place to plan, a place to bring objects, sounds, and images together. The space, the Penthouse, the building and its surroundings will provide a basis to create new works as as response to that environment and context.

Our studios are always open- just drop us a message before coming to thepenthousenq at gmail dot com or find us on twitter and tweet us @thepenthousenq 

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A day at The Penthouse in 3 snapshots. 

Top left- Rosanne Robertson, Suite 1, The Joins 2013 (detail)

Top right- Jennifer McDonald, Suite 2, process of making plaster ball

Bottom- Debbie Sharp, Suite 4, process of recent hammer drawings with concrete

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Audio and Text Library 

Call for artists below




A collection of art related reading material and audio/sound art archive with fortnightly featured track. 




Open Wed-Fri 1-6pm (Opening hours to increase) 

Reference only or on a ‘book swap’ basis.  

Further information and call for artists:

The library is in its early stages, with donations and purchases it will develop into a well-stocked and evolving resource for everybody.

The sound library will be added to every 2 weeks with experimental audio works by local, national and international artists with the option of additional information to contextualise the work by the artist.

The current seating and shelf is made by artist Debbie Sharp (Suite 4) from a window frame, cable reels, wood and office chair backs. Seating and shelving will develop with found/donated resources as the library does around The Penthouse.

Current feature: Publications by Platform including ‘Liberate Tate’ postcards and ‘Not if but when: Culture Beyond Oil’.


Call for donations

If you have any books, magazines, journals, catalogues, printed essays and so on that you can donate to the library please contact us on thepenthousenq@gmail.com to arrange a time to come down to The Penthouse to drop off you’re book(s), see the library and have a cup of tea. We are welcoming of all donations whether they are directly related to contemporary art or not. We are also welcoming of artists books and written material related to an artist’s own practice ie catalogues from your own show, a book documenting you’re work or a text piece. We are all art stars, let’s mingle.


Call for sound works

Next Deadline: December 5th

This is a call for all sound art. There is no limit on how long the piece is.

There will be a selected featured track every 2 weeks. All tracks will remain on a playlist housed and archived at The Penthouse Library.

Currently sound pieces are played for visitors from an mp3 player through either headphones or a small speaker attached to the library bench. Like the library, sound archive, seating and shelving the formats/ways we can listen to the tracks will develop over time. If you would like you’re work to be played any other way than we can currently accommodate please supply equipment for the 2 weeks your work is featured. We also accept donations of sound equipment.

To submit work to be selected and featured please send us the following information:

·         Name

·         Artist’s website/links

·         Track name

·         Track length

·         Description (optional)

to thepenthousenq@gmail.com


·         you’re track

via wetransfer https://www.wetransfer.com/

to thepenthousenq@gmail.com

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