Press Gang

Press Gang is a project based from artist led space in Manchester’s Northern Quarter promoting artists new work via the art of self publishing including artists books, audio books, cd’s, tapes, booklets and zines.

As a self organised DIY project space The Penthouse have learned over 3 years of operation the usefulness of self published works to share directly with an audience. This has ranged from program notes in the forms of zines, exhibition guides printed as visual scores, audio books to accompany live sound works, sound drawings, artists zines and books as well as many of our own designs and printing of fliers, posters and artworks. The nature of The Penthouse is immediate- it was set up to be direct- often audiences experience new art in the space it was conceived and made. Press Gang is an extension of this- Press Gang gives legs to The Penthouse- self published works can be shared far and wide but always directly from artist to audience.

The first outing for Press Gang was at Sluice__ an artist led art fair at Oxo Tower Wharf, Southbank London with great success.

Press Gang took part in Wur Bradford’s self publishing fair within Kirgate Market, Braford. 

Debbie Sharp performing poem Constant Sleepless Night related to one of her self published pamphlets. 

A current collection of Press Gang artist’s works are available to view, read, listen to and purchase at The Penthouse library area during scheduled events and by appointment- email the penthousenq at gmail dot com. 

Current artists presented with the project:

Rosanne Robertson

Debbie Sharp

Graham Dunning

Gary Fisher

Mio Ebisu & Sam Andreae

Jean McEwan

Kate Armitage

Jin Bells



Press Gang is supported by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts.