Might & Main

Might and Main is a project exploring the mechanisms and celebrating the outputs of the artist led- researching the importance of place and space to artistic production from Manchester city centre artist led studio and project space The Penthouse.

At the centre of Might and Main are artist residencies taking place at The Penthouse project space. The selected artists who have been asked to carry out a residency project taking into consideration the situation of The Penthouse are:

Vicky Clarke

Rowan Eastwood

Chloé Loric

Phil Constable

These artists will work alongside artists Rosanne Robertson and Debbie Sharp to explore the situation of The Penthouse- this can be geographically, architecturally, physically, culturally, politically or otherwise. Artists are encouraged to explore the geographic environment of The Penthouse- looking outward past the rooftops into the city beyond our walls.

The Might & Main overall project aims to pose questions such as- what does our city mean to the production of art and to artist led initiatives and in return what do we mean to our city? What does the current climate of Manchester’s regeneration and changes in cultural landscape mean- what space is there available for artists? How does space and architecture influence practice? By researching and producing new artistic activity on this topic we hope to be part of a wider effort in understanding and leading sustainable art practice- positioning artists as an important part of the cultural strategy conversation. The project will culminate in an open studio, a publication, a short film by Sophie Broadgate and a symposium event.

Open Studio event (preview) - Friday 23 October 6-9pm

The Penthouse. Free

Symposium Event – Wednesday 5 October 6-9pm

(Venue tbc). Free

For more information about The Penthouse visit our About page.

Might and Main is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.