Performance series Noise Above Noise elevates Manchester’s underground scene to the fifth floor of a tower block”- The Wire.

“A brilliantly curated and visually stunning night of sound art and performance”- Manchester Finest. 

20 February 2014  

Start 7pm. Finishes 10.45pm.

£3 entry (plus £2 corkage if bringing own bottle) - All profit goes to artists. 

An evening of experimental sound art, indeterminacy and performance all over The Penthouse studios and corridor project space. A Noise above the Noise of everything else. A selection of sound elevated. Everything made at The Penthouse flies from the rooftops. 

Noise Above Noise _Three Artists: 

Rosanne Robertson
Debbie Sharp
Gwendolen Osmond/ Triangle Cuts
Now Wash Your Hands
David Birchall
Kim Foale

(Performing order to be arranged on day)

As listed by Manchester’s best experimental improvisation, contemporary sound art and DIY music website

Full Details: 

Artist’s ‘setups’ and performance space is not differentiated from audience/viewing space- there are no traditional concert setups. Artists perform from all parts of The Penthouse art studios and corridor project space- resulting in a sprawling and refreshingly direct way of experiencing new experimental live sonic art. The Penthouse is a place for making and sharing new experimental art- straight from the studio. 

Selected artists have varying relationships with the Noise genre- we are open to all forms. We encourage works which take into account the physicality of performing with sound and the specific space it is performed in- we also like deviation and risk. 

-Please note- we are an artist’s studios and workplace- we have to get the best out of our non traditional space (Top floor of a 1960’s office block)- some viewing spaces are small, we encourage you to get up close and into the spaces. We apologise for any restricted viewing during busy events. 

Write up and collection of images from Noise Above Noise 2 by Anne Louise Kershaw for Manchester Finest.

Artist Details: 

Rosanne Robertson (Resident Penthouse Artist- Suite 1)

Rosanne Robertson is an artist working with action, sound and objects- described as an emerging live artist and ‘provocateur’ of Manchester for Dazed Digital by Doodlebug. Rosanne is the co director of The Penthouse with artist Debbie Sharp and is currently running and developing Noise Above Noise as an artists opportunity and a public event.

Using varying layers and levels of rehearsal, structure and improvisation my work plays with the space for spontaneity and leaves it open sharing the heightened energy of live decision making with an audience.

I am obsessed with improvisation and its relationship to deviance. I work with objects, often metal objects, arranged into installed self made instruments­ -I use  tools, implements and devices to extract sound from these arrangements in a live situation­­. Arrangements reworked live take the body into it and then remove it leaving something touched­ - often with the soundtrack to the space and objects left behind as an installed sound piece which can be reworked again at any point. The voice is heavily featured in my current approach­ with my main experiments being producing noises from the throat­ the internal voice before projection. My work often aims to reveal a boundary of what we are all comfortable with in terms of being in the same room together whilst something is created and then decides whether to cross it or not. 

Artist Website:

Blog/ online journal: 



Image: Anne Louise Kershaw for Manchester Finest (Article) 


Debbie Sharp (Resident Penthouse Artist Suite 4)

Debbie Sharp is an artist working with sound, image, text and installation- her live works often engage themes of memory using repetitive action and live sound making with amplified live plaque making, radio/TV static, voice and amplified time keeping. Her durational works often start as a murmur and build slowly  and heavily into dense noise that surrounds dark installations casting shadows in trancing environments. 

Debbie is the founder of The Penthouse and is co director with artist Rosanne Robertson.

My practice often works within a space of memory and mortality
I’m interested in the history of time the ancient and fragments
of life, within a public and personal place.

an actionist



only things we can’t imagine, can’t be achieved. 
If it can be imagined then it can be achieved.

Artist Website:

Image: Anne Louise Kershaw for Manchester Finest (Article) 


Gwendowlen Osmond/Triangle Cuts (Noise Above Noise artist in residence) 

Gwendolen Osmond/ Triangle Cuts is an English / French artist who uses loopstation technology to create haunting atmospheres using mainly voice / piano / synths. She is currently developing practise around the tensions between performance, authenticity and disembodiment in contemporary music creation. She is keen to develop site specific work that enables a reversal of the conditions of musical performances - using more personal darker private spaces as opposed to public space.

Previous work include live sound tracks for Videojam at Whitworth Art Gallery / Blank Media Arts. Solo and band performances (Cherrypip band) around Manchester. Video/film work shown at the Cornerhouse/ BBC Big Screen/Berlin Zebra Poetry films / Moves Festival.

Artist Website:

Gwendolen Osmond is the Noise Above Noise artist in Residence between 6 Feb- 20Feb. This is an opportunity tailored to artists wishing to develop into new areas of performing with sound with emphasis on the physicality and use of space when performing with sound. Gwendolen will be producing a new live work during this residency period to be performed for Noise Above Noise _Three.



Kim Foale

The Art of Noises

The Art Of Noises is a game of abstract musical performance for 3-5 people. Players take the role of avant garde performers, attempting to communicate various nouns, verbs and adjectives using a variety of toy instruments. Each player takes it in turn to select a card and perform the word on it. The other players guess which word is being performed. At the end of the game, the person with the most points wins, and is declared the most avant garde.

Kim Foale is an academic, activist, web developer,(fledgling) sound artist and general tinkerer, with an overall interest in sound, sense and human interaction. This game is the second in a planned series of works aimed at challenging, exploring and learning about listening, in creative ways.



Now Wash Your Hands

Nathan Nothing began his power electronics project in 2009 as an outlet for his grumpy foul tempers, and to humiliate himself onstage for others’ amusement, wearing special costumes. There is nothing more important than being clean and nothing cleans the head out better than a healthy blast of noise!

Harsh electronic sounds with lyrics of hygiene advice and self-loathing!
(Always wash your hands).

When I play the electric guitar I set out improvising, listening to others, listening to the room. The Sounds I make are rooted in the basic principles of how the instrument works: friction, vibration, transfer of energy, feedback and disturbances of electro-magnetic fields.

David Birchall will be undertaking a Noise Above Noise Residency in 2014, in the before that he will be performing an improvised work for this Noise Above Noise.

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