Debbie Sharp- Penthouse Director launches 12 month project- ‘a bottle of coke and a packet of crisps’ with book project Kickstarter



‘a bottle of coke and a packet of crisps’ is an in depth research project and subsequent 3 exhibitions and series of public events across 3 key cities- Manchester, Bradford and Leeds with accompanying book.

The project takes Debbie’s encounter with a Yorkshire ripper victim as a starting point- exploring fear, the landscape of the time- and women’s reactions to being told to stay inside/away at night for their own safety. This part of history is explored parallel to contemporary issues- and crosses generations to bring together a shared truth and a view for the future. Research and conversation starts during Reclaim the Night Marches, Leeds- November 16 2013.

Be part of the project and support the book project- which will provide an affordable accompaniment to the work which will share findings, conversation, art works, stories and current activism on topics explored. This Kickstarter provides a platform to support the book project - choose your donation and await your part of the project in return! 

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and her project blog which will develop over the next 12 month project

All support greatly appreciated x

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