Queer Art Show 5: Revoke- Free Art Hub
8-22 August 2017
Tues-Sat 12-6pm
The Penthouse, Hilton House, 26-28 Hilton Street, Manchester, M1 2EH. Directions
Queer Art Show 5: Revoke explores what it means to REVOKE- to invalidate, reclaim and reverse in...

Queer Art Show 5: Revoke- Free Art Hub 

8-22 August 2017 

Tues-Sat 12-6pm 

The Penthouse, Hilton House, 26-28 Hilton Street, Manchester, M1 2EH. Directions  

Queer Art Show 5: Revoke explores what it means to REVOKE- to invalidate, reclaim and reverse in the anniversary year of 50 years since partial decriminalisation of the homosexual act with the Sexual Offences Act 1967 . Curated by artist and director of Manchester’s artist & Dyke led project space The Penthouse Debbie Sharp - QAS5 brings together ideas of restrictions, criminalisation and fighting for freedoms within LGBTQ+ lives. 

QAS5: Revoke- HUB The site to Queery is opened up with  a free and open space for LGBTQ+ artists to explore the themes, to explore themselves, to make a mark or just to be. Come as you are. Open to all whether self defined as an artist or a creative Queer or just interested. 

- Free materials and refreshments.

- Wear clothes you don’t mind getting scruffy/paint on etc. 

- Guidance and support available from artist directors Rosanne Robertson and     Debbie Sharp. 

There is a curated space from the hub as part of Queer Art Show 5: Revolt - meaning works created during the hub can be included in the QAS5 exhibition. 

Email thepenthousenq@gmail.com if you have any questions or access requirements. 

Queer Art Show 5: revolt is supported using public funding from Arts Council England. 

This project is supported by a grant from Superbia. Superbia Grants provide financial support for LGBT events as part of Manchester Pride’s commitment to the quality and diversity of cultural events taking place throughout the year in GreaterManchester. https://superbia.org.uk 

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A Queer Revolt-    See our new video by film maker Sophie Broadgate of A Queer Revolt- an action by a bunch of riotous Queers occupying the city skyline with a rainbow smoke flag. Organised by The Penthouse as part of IMPOSE||LIFT as part of our curatorship of Bill Drummond’s Curfew Tower- paired with action in Cushendall titled Pinning Our Colours to the Mast in which we raised a rainbow flag at the tower and declared it a Queer space. 

The passerby heard at the end of video shouted “Queers should die”. 

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No Snooze Sunday 

(Next event Sunday 7 June, 10am- 12noon) 

is a coffee morning and contemporary art and sound reading and listening group at artist led space The Penthouse in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

+unlimited freshly ground single origin coffee from the gadgety brew bar.
+things on toast such as organic peanut butter and jelly.
+rooftop views of Manchester.

Topics can range widely relating to contemporary art and sound. We mention sound specifically as contemporary art is often confused for just visual art- when it blatantly is not. It may also be interesting to talk about visual art and sound art concurrently. We suggest that texts, essays, chapters are kept at around 20 pages max to be able to discuss enough in the time frame.

There is no theme- at the end of each text another member of the group suggests another which may follow on- and we see where we end up.

The first text is
Found here https://www.ubu.com/aspen/aspen5and6/threeEssays.html#sontag

The price is £5 entry which gets you pepped up on high quality coffee beans (decaf also available) via siphon and v60 brew bar and a slice of something organic and delicious for breakfast. This leaves a small (pretty small) profit for The Penthouse to help sustain existence.

Please book here to help with preparations/ seating and then pay on the day.


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During last October’s Exchange Rates expo in Brooklyn we talked to Sluice__  about what running an arts project means to us during a break from our residency on the rooftop of Vazquez ( A new arts building project) making performance work, sound collage and site specific interventions. 

This series of interviews is called Encounters- if you liked our encounter- you might be interested in the others from Exchange Rates https://sluice.info/encounters 

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The Penthouse | Paradiso Project | Exchange Rates

Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York. 

- a residency project and exhibition of indeterminacy on the Vazquez Building rooftop in Bushwick, Brooklyn as part of Exchange Rates produced by Sluice_ Theodore Arts and Centotto. 

(on the corner of Central Ave and Forrest St, Brooklyn, NY 11206)

(Donation bar located in Vazquez, Donation entry to performances) 

Paradiso Project:

Is a short residency project and subsequent exhibition of site specific works by artists Rosanne Robertson, Debbie Sharp, Louise Woodcock & Neil Francis (2 Koi Karp) and Benjamin McChrystal Plimmer. We will exchange our elevated position in Manchester, UK to an elevated position in Brooklyn, NY and respond to the unique site to make new works shared in various stages. Works will include longstanding and recent relationships with structure, performance, improvisation, site, sound and space. 

During Paradiso Project we will occupy spheres of fire believed to exist in the earth’s upper atmosphere. 

Noise Above Noise events:

Friday 24th October. 6-10pm Beat Nite Special followed by Beat Nite after party 10pm- 12am.

As part of Beat Nite by Andrew Jason & Norte Maar The Penthouse hosts a special Noise Above Noise with a rooftop performance installation by Rosanne Robertson, Debbie Sharp, Louise Woodcock & Neil Francis (2 Koi Karp) and Benjamin McChrystal Plimmer. Plus we have a set by special guest artist Maria Chavez- we we are excited to share this rooftop stage with.


Noise Above Noise- Sat 25 Oct- 7-10pm 

A one off Noise Above Noise event made up of performance works with sounds inspired by The Paradiso Project. The line up will be made extra electric by the addition of MV Carbon. 

The Penthouse: 

“The Penthouse is an independent not for profit artist led work and project space in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. 

The Penthouse is the place to get your heads and hands dirty with ideas and new beginnings which fly from our rooftops directly into the city around us and beyond. The Penthouse is host to sound art project Noise Above Noise and was described in a feature by The Wire as “Performance series Noise Above Noise elevates Manchester’s underground scene to the fifth floor of a tower block”. We believe space for artists to do what they want is important and precious and that relationships with our audiences should be open and direct. We are a 5* Non Luxury art space. ”

Exchange Rates:

“The Bushwick Expo is the first collaboration between existing artist-run and emerging galleries in Bushwick and Sluice, the London-based art initiative for artist-run projects from across the UK and Europe. Projects from Sluice’s network of UK and European galleries will share space with existing Bushwick spaces to forge links and find common ground across a vast geographical sweep.

Exchange Rates invites representatives from kindred art communities to be part of Bushwick’s development. With a common focus on public engagement, artistic collaboration and the transferal of ideas, Exchange Rates will engender creative transaction between galleries, artists, curators and members of the public. There will be 52 galleries and projects participating from 19 different cities around the world. The expo will include several panel discussions, performance events and Norte Maar’s Beat Nite, a late night gallery tour and after-party on Friday. “

Visit www.thepenthousenq.com 

Visit https://sluice.info/bushwick for full Exchange Rates info and map.

Email us on thepenthousenq@gmail.com for any further information

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Killing Time at The Pond

Laura-Jane Atkinson & Hildegard Skowasch 

Free For Arts Festival

3-10 October 2014

As part of Free For Arts Festival The Penthouse are excited to welcome Killing Time to The Pond.

Free For Arts Festival

(FFAF) is a non profit celebration of art and performance. The Festival presents a diverse display of the Visual Arts in unique locations around the city, from static exhibitions to interactive events and one off performances taking place throughout the week. Now on its 5th year, FFA hopes to draw on its previous success yet grow even more vibrant for 2014.

The Pond

is an unusual small architectural spot of blue tiled wonder on the ground floor of the building home to The Penthouse (5th Floor) Hilton House. The Pond was an ornamental fish pond in the 60’s and then later an indoor garden. As time has gone its use has declined along with the upkeep of the fantastic building originally designed by architect Richard Seifert who also created such modernist delights as Center Point (London) and also Euston Station.  We aim to honour all of this with short bursts of  installation and intervention during our stay at Hilton House.

Killing Time 

After meeting as artists in residence, artist duo Killing Time (Hildegard Skowasch and Laura-Jane Atkinson) have continued collaborative practice through process led exchange & responsive creative takeover of works. Utilising an amalgamation of low value materials and palpable time consumption with an emphasis placed on intuition with materials, colour and pattern to transform specific spaces.

Killing Time at The Pond 

“For Free For Arts Festival 2014, we will be constructing a site specific exhibition in collaboration with The Penthouse . A series of large scale sculptural installations will be produced to intervene with and transform The Pond space at The Penthouse to create a temporary immersive environment in an unexpected location. This environment will reflect unusual recordings within our direct surroundings and highly laborious tactile processes with low value, unforeseen materials and objects.”

Opening times: 

3-10 Oct 11am- 6pm daily- available to view on the ground floor of Hilton House.

Drinks reception 3 Oct 6-9pm *Donation Bar

During the drinks reception you can also take a look/wander/listen up at The Penthouse which is currently home to Noise Above Noise residents David Birchall and Sam Andreae and permanent studio of artists and directors of The Penthouse- Debbie Sharp and Rosanne Robertson- for a glance at some works in progress. Please note we do not have an exhibition or programmed event upstairs at The Penthouse and The Penthouse operates as a workplace for artists during this time. 

Directions here

Email thepenthousenq@gmail.com for any further information

Access: Hilton House lobby area is accessible on the ground level. The rest of Hilton House and The Penthouse is accessible via 4 steps on the ground floor to the lift. There is an accessible bathroom on the 2nd floor. 

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A Third Face

Preview- Thursday 18th September 6-9pm

Exhibition continues Friday 19th- Sunday 21st September 1-7pm.

A Third Face is an exhibition of drawings and paintings by artists/musicians Rosanne Robertson, Kate Armitage and Joincey. The exhibition will span the corridor project space of artist led space The Penthouse. The exhibition contains long standing and recent relationships with impulsive mark making and a combined interest in repetition, accident and abstract forms.

Rosanne Robertson

I mean I think I enjoy painting them but they are gross to me- they are my smallest inside grossest feelings- like bits of things inside of things, things feeling too big, suppression- in sort of sunshiney colours.

Take a period of time and decide what is relevant during that time- a day or longer- but mainly a day for me as I lose the energy or feeling and never feel the same again. Like if I perform- everything that day comes in to play and has to tick. Today because I knew I was going to paint everything looked and sounded different- some things were glaring at me and some things weren’t.

My heart feels burst open and it feels like there are a million too many connections from there to my brain.

Kate Armitage

I enjoy drawing abstract forms instinctively and impulsively. I prize chance over direct intention. I believe in the unspoiled power of raw art.


sporadically I will attempt to entirely empty out black biros (always BIC) by the process of drawing black rectangles onto pieces of paper. I invariably seek to retain any successfully spent pens but at this time I count only eight in the drawer.

Directions: https://thepenthousenq.com/Directions 

Any press inquiries can be emailed to thepenthousenq@gmail.com

Access: There are 4 steps on the ground floor and then a lift up to the 5th floor. The Penthouse corridor space is only 2 meters wide and can be difficult to navigate on busy occasions- but the space is left clear and the opens up into studios at the other end with more room. There is an accessible bathroom on the 2nd floor of the building. 

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An exhibition by new collective of artists- MILK TEETH- who are currently all film making students at Manchester School of Art. The launch, exhibition and discussion was held at The Penthouse over a 2 day period 1- 3 May - providing the first platform for this newly developed work. The four artists of the collective are - 


and the artists they selected to show with them are - 


The works chosen related to the theme and title of the exhibition - ‘SKIN’- exploring notions of identity and sexuality and examining sensory experiences of the exterior world.

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2 Koi Karp- Open Studio. 17 January.

As part of the ‘From the Rooftops’ series at The Penthouse 2 Koi Karp have been residents of Suite 2 since November 2013- they will open up their world of magick, waterfalls, skreaks, tapes and hiccups to the public for one night only on Friday January 17th. 

tapes, screaks, muzak, magick…

2 Koi Karp create a conflict of sound using noise/melody, analog/digital, beat/ambience using tapes, kids instruments, vocals and objects.

Neil Francis (ex-Gnod and recent addition to Terminal Cheesecake) and Louise Woodcock (AKA Her Majesty’s Pleasure, sound/visual artist and member of Poppycock with Una Baines, ex-Womb) began in earnest early this year with the acquisition of The Basement Room space in central Manchester. Woodcock is also one half of installation/performance duo Woodcock&Grundstrom; regular artists-in-residence at queer monthly party event Bollox.

2 Koi Karp describe The Penthouse as a place that has informed and inspired their performances; opening up collaborative projects such as Noise Above Noise;The Queer Art Show inspired new performative possibilities, using more concrete sounds and 'wearing’ sound makers. 2 Koi Karp recently represented The Penthouse at Sluice Art Fair, Bermondsey, London.

During their residency 2 KOI KARP have been exploring new audio/visual/performative ideas and turning their residency room into an immersive art work with new changing collections of objects, waterfalls, facepainting, balls, vegetables, tapes, toys and sound makers. As part of their residency they have invited collaborators such as Gary Fisher, Matt Dalby, Rosanne Robertson, Genius of Germs and Bratan and created a number of films, images and new sound works. 

2 Koi Karp work tirelessly as artists pushing at possibilities with humour and colour and do it with complete passion and direct powerful expression- because they have to. The Penthouse thrives off their energy and full on unapologetic creativity. Their open studio will be a glimpse into what has been an ever changing work of art- The Penthouse invite you to get up close to the many facets of 2 Koi Karp’s creations over the course of the open studio from 7pm with a live end of residency performance at 9pm. 

Open Studio- 7-10pm
Live Performances- 7.30pm and 9pm

Suggested Donation £2


The Penthouse
5th Floor Hilton House
26-28 Hilton Street 
Northern Quarter
M1 2EH


From the Rooftops is a series of artist residencies supported by Arts Council England. 

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A flash by of The Penthouse over 2013- in it’s first year of existence! So much more to come in 2014! Enjoy x

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Debbie Sharp- Penthouse Director launches 12 month project- ‘a bottle of coke and a packet of crisps’ with book project Kickstarter



‘a bottle of coke and a packet of crisps’ is an in depth research project and subsequent 3 exhibitions and series of public events across 3 key cities- Manchester, Bradford and Leeds with accompanying book.

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Debbie Sharp- Co founder / Director / Artist - The Penthouse www.debbie-sharp.com  https://debbiesharpblog.tumblr.com/  @iamdebbiesharp 

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Debbie Sharp takes guerilla plaquing to Deptford X







Debbie Sharp’s In Memorie guerilla plaquing project goes to Deptford, London for the Deptford X festival. Lead artist Bob and Roberta Smith’s statement tying together people’s efforts for the festival is ART MAKES PEOPLE POWERFUL. 

Debbie’s project demonstrates expressing on the streets, making the public space personal and therefore political is important. Create, speak out, orchestrate efforts against those who aim to control with fear.  

See more about Deptford X here https://www.deptfordx.org/

and more about Debbie’s practice here https://debbie-sharp.com/

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