Might & Main- Rowan Eastwood

The Penthouse is pleased to welcome artist Rowan Eastwood as a Might & Main resident artist. 

Rowan Eastwood is a Manchester based artist who's studio practice focuses on process based works, which investigate and discover ideas. Usually centred on force and repetition, Eastwood interrogates the effect that personal or outside influences have on objects of appeal. Playfully exploring materials allows the artist to discover and investigate, ending with documentation of a particular process, believed to be appropriate to the subject in that instant or often resulting in a more permanent, finalised example of work.  

Recently Rowan Eastwood was selected for the Crash residency at Brierfield Mill for recent graduates by In Situ and won second prize in PS Mirabel’s art prize Spectrum. 

See Rowan Eastwood’s processes and/or installed works at the Might & Main open studio event Friday 23 Sept 6-9pm.  

Artist website https://cargocollective.com/rowaneastwood