Might & Main- Phil Constable

The Penthouse is pleased to welcome artist Phil Constable as a Might & Main resident artist. 

Phil Constable is a Manchester based artist-  interested in how space and objects hold memories, how stories continue through time and what triggers the continuation. Phil is driven by the ghosts of the past, whether an empty high rise flat to a path in the woods. The engagement with these spaces and objects, their history and ghosts creates ideas and creative responses. 

Half Life and Memory & Space are series of works that explore these notions. Both look at engaging with architectural spaces and reminiscence. I am interested in how space and objects hold the memory of former occupants and have previously made work that investigates how urban and rural architecture, particularly modernist architecture, articulates the social conditions and aspirations of the time in which it was built. I’m altering the space by placing objects in that environment, imitating the permanence or solidity the built environment usually suggests.

See Phil Constable’s processes and/or installed works at the Might & Main open studio event Friday 23 Sept 6-9pm.  

Artist website https://philconstable.com/