Masquerade / / Murmuration exhibition and performances by The Penthouse at Sluice_ 2015. 

Masquerade // Murmuration

Is a two person show at Sluice_ by artists and founders of The Penthouse Debbie Sharp and Rosanne Robertson with an accompanying sound and performance program.

Masquerade / by Rosanne Robertson exhibits inner forces and discord that manifests in relationships with and between objects, assemblage, costume, sound and performance sculpture. Freedoms and limits are demonstrated against each other in compositions celebrating form among chaos and chaos among form. Interactions and improvisations with assemblage and performance sculpture punctuate the exhibition and roam Sluice 2015.

/ Murmuration by Debbie Sharp exhibits external forces of nature and physics with silent investigations via internal structures of sound and matter with works that are drawn from the darkness of existence in-between life and death.

Join us for the Reception Thursday 15 October 5- 8.30pm

Exhibition & Press Gang- 5th Floor Exhibition Space:

Thurs 15th 5-8.30pm

Fri 16th- Sun 18th 11am- 6pm

Performance, sound & assemblage- Sluice_ 1st Floor Performance Space:

Thursday 15th 5-8.30pm

Friday 16th 12-6pm

Masquerade//Murmuration is accompanied by an intermittent series of live works with sound making, installation and assemblage which will be housed in the performance space and will then roam between The Penthouse space on the top floor of The Barge-house and the outside spaces of Oxo Tower on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th during Sluice_ 2015 opening hours.