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Queer Art Show 5 Documentation pt 2

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Documentation of Queer Art Show 5 pt 1 

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Queer Art Show 5: Revoke- Free Art Hub
8-22 August 2017
Tues-Sat 12-6pm
The Penthouse, Hilton House, 26-28 Hilton Street, Manchester, M1 2EH. Directions
Queer Art Show 5: Revoke explores what it means to REVOKE- to invalidate, reclaim and reverse in...

Queer Art Show 5: Revoke- Free Art Hub 

8-22 August 2017 

Tues-Sat 12-6pm 

The Penthouse, Hilton House, 26-28 Hilton Street, Manchester, M1 2EH. Directions  

Queer Art Show 5: Revoke explores what it means to REVOKE- to invalidate, reclaim and reverse in the anniversary year of 50 years since partial decriminalisation of the homosexual act with the Sexual Offences Act 1967 . Curated by artist and director of Manchester’s artist & Dyke led project space The Penthouse Debbie Sharp - QAS5 brings together ideas of restrictions, criminalisation and fighting for freedoms within LGBTQ+ lives. 

QAS5: Revoke- HUB The site to Queery is opened up with  a free and open space for LGBTQ+ artists to explore the themes, to explore themselves, to make a mark or just to be. Come as you are. Open to all whether self defined as an artist or a creative Queer or just interested. 

- Free materials and refreshments.

- Wear clothes you don’t mind getting scruffy/paint on etc. 

- Guidance and support available from artist directors Rosanne Robertson and     Debbie Sharp. 

There is a curated space from the hub as part of Queer Art Show 5: Revolt - meaning works created during the hub can be included in the QAS5 exhibition. 

Email if you have any questions or access requirements. 

Queer Art Show 5: revolt is supported using public funding from Arts Council England. 

This project is supported by a grant from Superbia. Superbia Grants provide financial support for LGBT events as part of Manchester Pride’s commitment to the quality and diversity of cultural events taking place throughout the year in GreaterManchester. 

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Masquerade / / Murmuration exhibition and performances by The Penthouse at Sluice_ 2015. 

Masquerade // Murmuration

Is a two person show at Sluice_ by artists and founders of The Penthouse Debbie Sharp and Rosanne Robertson with an accompanying sound and performance program.

Masquerade / by Rosanne Robertson exhibits inner forces and discord that manifests in relationships with and between objects, assemblage, costume, sound and performance sculpture. Freedoms and limits are demonstrated against each other in compositions celebrating form among chaos and chaos among form. Interactions and improvisations with assemblage and performance sculpture punctuate the exhibition and roam Sluice 2015.

/ Murmuration by Debbie Sharp exhibits external forces of nature and physics with silent investigations via internal structures of sound and matter with works that are drawn from the darkness of existence in-between life and death.

Join us for the Reception Thursday 15 October 5- 8.30pm

Exhibition & Press Gang- 5th Floor Exhibition Space:

Thurs 15th 5-8.30pm

Fri 16th- Sun 18th 11am- 6pm

Performance, sound & assemblage- Sluice_ 1st Floor Performance Space:

Thursday 15th 5-8.30pm

Friday 16th 12-6pm

Masquerade//Murmuration is accompanied by an intermittent series of live works with sound making, installation and assemblage which will be housed in the performance space and will then roam between The Penthouse space on the top floor of The Barge-house and the outside spaces of Oxo Tower on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th during Sluice_ 2015 opening hours.

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No Snooze Sunday 

(Next event Sunday 7 June, 10am- 12noon) 

is a coffee morning and contemporary art and sound reading and listening group at artist led space The Penthouse in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

+unlimited freshly ground single origin coffee from the gadgety brew bar.
+things on toast such as organic peanut butter and jelly.
+rooftop views of Manchester.

Topics can range widely relating to contemporary art and sound. We mention sound specifically as contemporary art is often confused for just visual art- when it blatantly is not. It may also be interesting to talk about visual art and sound art concurrently. We suggest that texts, essays, chapters are kept at around 20 pages max to be able to discuss enough in the time frame.

There is no theme- at the end of each text another member of the group suggests another which may follow on- and we see where we end up.

The first text is
Found here

The price is £5 entry which gets you pepped up on high quality coffee beans (decaf also available) via siphon and v60 brew bar and a slice of something organic and delicious for breakfast. This leaves a small (pretty small) profit for The Penthouse to help sustain existence.

Please book here to help with preparations/ seating and then pay on the day.

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During last October’s Exchange Rates expo in Brooklyn we talked to Sluice__  about what running an arts project means to us during a break from our residency on the rooftop of Vazquez ( A new arts building project) making performance work, sound collage and site specific interventions. 

This series of interviews is called Encounters- if you liked our encounter- you might be interested in the others from Exchange Rates 

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Call for Studio Holders at The Penthouse’s New Shared Studio Wing. 

The Penthouse is an experimental, artist led, independent art space in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

The Penthouse are expanding into our neighboring space and have decided it should be a new shared studio wing. We have had our eye on the space since we moved in and are now in the position to utilise it. The space brings with it unique access to what will be a garden terrace 5 stories up- which we will build with the artists who come on board. 

There is a call for artists- in order to decide who would be best suited to the space and what goes on at The Penthouse. To date we have ran our successful sound art series Noise Above Noise, a number of artist residencies, workshops, talks, screenings and outings to places like Stryx, Birmingham for Supersonic Festival and Exchange Rates Bushwick, New York. 

We have an interest in live, ephemeral, sound, process, installation and the experimental but are open to applications from all artists using all mediums. 

Scroll down our front page to get an idea of what we are about and then if you are interested

email us on with your name, a short bio, artist statement and a link to a website or any work documented and hosted online.

This is just to get an idea of who is doing what to help with the process when working out shared interests. We will then invite you to a viewing  and have a chat. 


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Images from A Third Face- an exhibition of drawings and paintings by Rosanne Robertson, Kate Armitage and Joincey. 18-21 Sept 1-7pm. 

“See, you’ve got three faces. Your first face is the one you’re born with, the one in the mirror every morning, a touch of your mama in those blue eyes, Papa’s ruddy cheeks and thin lips, or maybe, like me, a set of crooked chops from an ancestor only some fake genealogist could identify. Your second face is the one you develop thanks to ego, ingenuity, and sensitivity, the one people identify as “you,” laughing at punch lines, downcast when things aren’t going well, exhilarated by passion and success, cold when confusion and fear set in, charming when seduction is part of the battle plan.

Then there’s your third face. No one ever gets to see that one. It’ll never show up in any mirror nor be visible to the eyes of parents, lovers, or friends. It’s the face that no one knows but you. It’s the real you. Always privy to your deepest fears, hopes, and desires, your third face can’t lie or be lied to. I call it my mind mistress, guardian of my secret utopias, bitter disappointment, and noble visions.” Samuel Fulller

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A Third Face

Preview- Thursday 18th September 6-9pm

Exhibition continues Friday 19th- Sunday 21st September 1-7pm.

A Third Face is an exhibition of drawings and paintings by artists/musicians Rosanne Robertson, Kate Armitage and Joincey. The exhibition will span the corridor project space of artist led space The Penthouse. The exhibition contains long standing and recent relationships with impulsive mark making and a combined interest in repetition, accident and abstract forms.

Rosanne Robertson

I mean I think I enjoy painting them but they are gross to me- they are my smallest inside grossest feelings- like bits of things inside of things, things feeling too big, suppression- in sort of sunshiney colours.

Take a period of time and decide what is relevant during that time- a day or longer- but mainly a day for me as I lose the energy or feeling and never feel the same again. Like if I perform- everything that day comes in to play and has to tick. Today because I knew I was going to paint everything looked and sounded different- some things were glaring at me and some things weren’t.

My heart feels burst open and it feels like there are a million too many connections from there to my brain.

Kate Armitage

I enjoy drawing abstract forms instinctively and impulsively. I prize chance over direct intention. I believe in the unspoiled power of raw art.


sporadically I will attempt to entirely empty out black biros (always BIC) by the process of drawing black rectangles onto pieces of paper. I invariably seek to retain any successfully spent pens but at this time I count only eight in the drawer.


Any press inquiries can be emailed to

Access: There are 4 steps on the ground floor and then a lift up to the 5th floor. The Penthouse corridor space is only 2 meters wide and can be difficult to navigate on busy occasions- but the space is left clear and the opens up into studios at the other end with more room. There is an accessible bathroom on the 2nd floor of the building. 

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An exhibition by new collective of artists- MILK TEETH- who are currently all film making students at Manchester School of Art. The launch, exhibition and discussion was held at The Penthouse over a 2 day period 1- 3 May - providing the first platform for this newly developed work. The four artists of the collective are - 


and the artists they selected to show with them are - 


The works chosen related to the theme and title of the exhibition - ‘SKIN’- exploring notions of identity and sexuality and examining sensory experiences of the exterior world.

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Noise Above Noise _Four  *  Friday April 25th  * 

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The Penthouse

1- 2 May 2014

Thursday 1st May

The opening night will start at 6pm with drinks.

Followed by music from 9-10pm.

Friday 2nd May

Exhibition open 11am- 6pm.

Artist talk by members of SKIN collective at 6.30pm (doors open from 6pm).

Identity, Sexuality & Sensory Experience

SKIN is the first exhibition curated by a newly founded collective comprising of four third year filmmaking students from the Manchester School of Art. As well as exhibiting their own work, they are passionate about showcasing the creative talents and artistic pursuits of their fellow peers. They feel that it is of the upmost importance to be able to provide platforms for emerging artists to express themselves, and to create new stimulating creative communities.

Their upcoming exhibition will include work that opens up new discourses around the theme and title of the exhibition - SKIN. The work which will be showcased redefines notions of identity and sexuality, and examines our sensory experiences of the exterior world. The exhibition will be thought provoking and challenge the perceptions we have of ourselves, probing us to reconceive our experiences of the world around us. The members of the collective will be doing an artist talk on the closing night of the exhibition to further convey the themes within the work and their intentions as a collective.

The collective

Celia Wickham is a documentary and artist filmmaker based in Manchester. Working primarily with archival materials, her work explores the themes of memory, familial relationships, identity and mental illness. She is very interested in exploring the re-contextualisation of autobiographical materials, such as the family photograph and the home movie, through the filmic medium, and addresses personal narratives within her practice. You can find her work at:  &

Laura Milner, working under the pseudonym of ‘Starbelly’, is an experimental filmmaker and creative who works within the 'portrait’ documentary strand of film practice. Her main focus is capturing realistic portrayals of intriguing subjects as well as exploring themes of identity. Alongside her documentary work, Laura enjoys experimenting with music and rhythm, creating chaotic audio-visuals with undertones of surrealism. You can find her work at: &

Ella Deacy is an experimental artist and filmmaker whose work explores texture, sound and colour. Her work’s themes include the human condition, sexuality and the fetishising of the body. Light and water often feature in her pieces, which delve into ideas of birth. Ella is interested in physically creating visual, and sonic layers and textures in her films. She creates soundscapes using tactile objects to add different facets and guide audiences in unexpected directions. You can find her work at:  &

Abi McVeigh is a filmmaker and visual artist whose work focuses around light and colour. As a director of photography she likes to exercise the use of light, the colour of light in particular. Her interest in light art has also enabled her to incorporate the use of space in her work. Alongside this, her craft encompasses the use of distorted sound design in order to initiate uncomfortable reactions within an audience.
 Mental illness is the theme of work that Abigail is exploring at the moment, and she has created a link between sound and visuals aided by her recent research into colour psychology. You can find her work at: &

The Penthouse

An independent not for profit artist led work and project space in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. A place for making, doing and sharing by artists Rosanne Robertson and Debbie Sharp. 

Our outside projects such as working with SKIN support new artists with early exhibitions and provide the resources and networks for showcasing exciting new artists, collectives and their work from our dedicated artist led space.

Access: There are 3 steps on the ground floor of Hilton House. There is lift access to the 5th floor and a wheelchair access toilet on the 3rd floor of the building.

Further Information:


If you have any further questions/would like any further content for media/ promotional purposes please contact Rosanne Robertson at:

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A selection of images from our International Women’s Day #IWD14 event at The Penthouse with For Books Sake and No More Page 3- mass feminist collage session by Jane Bradley and Anne Louise Kershaw. An open studio for project A Packet of Crisps and a Bottle of Coke by Debbie Sharp and an open sound and found object workshop and performance by Rosanne Robertson. Thank you to everyone who made it a very special and important day. Profits will be added to the proceeds from a release of a one off audio/visual artwork and document of the day- to be available to purchase soon and donated to Manchester Rape Crisis. 

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A selection of images of artists from Noise Above Noise III. 1st- Gwen Osmond/Trianglecuts w/ Magpahi, 2nd Debbie Sharp, 3rd Rosanne Robertson, 4th Kim Foale and The Art of Noises game, 5th David Birchall, 6th Now Wash Your Hands. Thank you to all artists and audience for a brilliant night x

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