D A N C E H A L L 1 0 Launch at The Penthouse…

D A N C E H A L L is a DIY journal based in Manchester that publishes encounters with sound by musicians, artists and writers that can one way or another be committed to paper. 

The Penthouse are hosting the Launch of D A N C E H A L L 1 0 which includes contributions by Gwilly Edmondez & Posset, Amelia Bywater & Rebecca Wilcox, Daniela Cascella, Irene Revell, Jenny Moore & Aonghus McEvoy, featuring among other delights the noises of Belfast; the Ursula Bogner hoax; the sound of Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty and memories of Rome; and a to and fro manifesto of sorts by Newcastle’s finest players of the glitch/slip & gibber.

And Live Performances by: 

Gwilly Edmondez & Posset

Rebecca Wilcox & Amelia Bywater

Tom White

Rosanne Robertson and Louise Woodcock

- a performance of a work in progress by Rosanne Robertson and Louise Woodcock from their current Noise Above Noise Residency which will inform a future contribution to D A N C E H A L L

Facebook event- https://www.facebook.com/events/718931484891885/?fref=ts 

Website- https://psykickdancehallrecordings.com

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