Call for Studio Holders at The Penthouse’s New Shared Studio Wing. 

The Penthouse is an experimental, artist led, independent art space in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

The Penthouse are expanding into our neighboring space and have decided it should be a new shared studio wing. We have had our eye on the space since we moved in and are now in the position to utilise it. The space brings with it unique access to what will be a garden terrace 5 stories up- which we will build with the artists who come on board. 

There is a call for artists- in order to decide who would be best suited to the space and what goes on at The Penthouse. To date we have ran our successful sound art series Noise Above Noise, a number of artist residencies, workshops, talks, screenings and outings to places like Stryx, Birmingham for Supersonic Festival and Exchange Rates Bushwick, New York. 

We have an interest in live, ephemeral, sound, process, installation and the experimental but are open to applications from all artists using all mediums. 

Scroll down our front page to get an idea of what we are about and then if you are interested

email us on with your name, a short bio, artist statement and a link to a website or any work documented and hosted online.

This is just to get an idea of who is doing what to help with the process when working out shared interests. We will then invite you to a viewing  and have a chat. 


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