Preview Event: 6 July 6-10pm 

The Penthouse brings their curatorship of Bill Drummond’s Curfew Tower (Northern Ireland) to their Manchester artist led space with an event titled REVOLT. REVOLT is a half way project from Curatorship IMPOSE||LIFT. 

REVOLT will not be described to you prior to the event. 

It will be brought to you in collaboration with Manchester’s finest LGBTQ+ and deliver Queers against Facism in action. 

We are curating The Curfew Tower in the small Northern Irish town of Cushendall. Considering issues of feminism and LGBTQ+ rights across the UK bridging NI and Manchester. We can not ignore that The Curfew Tower belongs to Bill Drummond. We can not ignore that this happens to be the year of the KLF comeback. We can not ignore ideas of epic gesture, action, destruction, restriction, liberation and deviance. We can not ignore our part as the english in the colonisation of the Irish and how resistance has been re framed as mindless violence. We can not ignore that the IRA bombed Manchester. We can not politely ignore violence and oppression. We can not ignore that we are lesbian women and religious views of homosexuality are often homophobic and our very being considered deviant and oppress women. We can not ignore that religious views impact of societal values, fears and beliefs in Cushendall, Manchester and all over the world. 

*added* Most recently we can not ignore proposals for a Conservative and DUP alliance. 


Curated as part of Manifest 17 

Supported by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts