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Instigate Arts presents a night of creative and artistic Do it Yourself, bringing together Manchester and Salford’s cutting edge, innovative and leftfield creatives, collaborators, collectives and spaces. 

For De(Construction) artist directors of The Penthouse Debbie Sharp and Rosanne Robertson present a reverse sculpture that pairs raw materials of construction and the performance of destruction - reducing old hierarchical individualistic monumentalism to the communal experience of dust. 

 Over the past 5 years The Penthouse was born of and incubated by a piece of crumbling modernist architecture, we cooperated and revolted within its dust which we believe still resides within our bodies. Indeterminacy, ephemerality and moments happened within the dust of a previous era with cranes bringing the dreams attached to new concrete blocks all around us. 

Boundaries between our bodies, structures, vibrations were destabilised. The Queer female body within crumbling modernist structure has been an important yet non-formalised part of the experience with both artists exploring structure and the city on their own terms and inviting other artists to do the same. The Dyke body forcing the destruction of built up Penthouse dreams and agitating ideals for an advanced and sleek future brings into force an ‘Other’ power. This power is more attuned to Mother nature who has the force to engulf all into the sediment layers of the Earth. 

The boundaries of the artists’ bodies and the materials of the spaces in which their practices exist renegotiated- De(Constructed) within a live performance. This act is reflective of the ongoing cycle of creation and destruction within DIY and artist led culture- creating a space for freedom.

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Shots from The Penthouse at Sluice__ 2015 at Oxo Tower Wharf, Southbank London October 16-18 2015. Works by Rosanne Robertson & Debbie Sharp. 

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During last October’s Exchange Rates expo in Brooklyn we talked to Sluice__  about what running an arts project means to us during a break from our residency on the rooftop of Vazquez ( A new arts building project) making performance work, sound collage and site specific interventions. 

This series of interviews is called Encounters- if you liked our encounter- you might be interested in the others from Exchange Rates 

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The Penthouse | Paradiso Project | Exchange Rates

Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York. 

- a residency project and exhibition of indeterminacy on the Vazquez Building rooftop in Bushwick, Brooklyn as part of Exchange Rates produced by Sluice_ Theodore Arts and Centotto. 

(on the corner of Central Ave and Forrest St, Brooklyn, NY 11206)

(Donation bar located in Vazquez, Donation entry to performances) 

Paradiso Project:

Is a short residency project and subsequent exhibition of site specific works by artists Rosanne Robertson, Debbie Sharp, Louise Woodcock & Neil Francis (2 Koi Karp) and Benjamin McChrystal Plimmer. We will exchange our elevated position in Manchester, UK to an elevated position in Brooklyn, NY and respond to the unique site to make new works shared in various stages. Works will include longstanding and recent relationships with structure, performance, improvisation, site, sound and space. 

During Paradiso Project we will occupy spheres of fire believed to exist in the earth’s upper atmosphere. 

Noise Above Noise events:

Friday 24th October. 6-10pm Beat Nite Special followed by Beat Nite after party 10pm- 12am.

As part of Beat Nite by Andrew Jason & Norte Maar The Penthouse hosts a special Noise Above Noise with a rooftop performance installation by Rosanne Robertson, Debbie Sharp, Louise Woodcock & Neil Francis (2 Koi Karp) and Benjamin McChrystal Plimmer. Plus we have a set by special guest artist Maria Chavez- we we are excited to share this rooftop stage with.


Noise Above Noise- Sat 25 Oct- 7-10pm 

A one off Noise Above Noise event made up of performance works with sounds inspired by The Paradiso Project. The line up will be made extra electric by the addition of MV Carbon. 

The Penthouse: 

“The Penthouse is an independent not for profit artist led work and project space in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. 

The Penthouse is the place to get your heads and hands dirty with ideas and new beginnings which fly from our rooftops directly into the city around us and beyond. The Penthouse is host to sound art project Noise Above Noise and was described in a feature by The Wire as “Performance series Noise Above Noise elevates Manchester’s underground scene to the fifth floor of a tower block”. We believe space for artists to do what they want is important and precious and that relationships with our audiences should be open and direct. We are a 5* Non Luxury art space. ”

Exchange Rates:

“The Bushwick Expo is the first collaboration between existing artist-run and emerging galleries in Bushwick and Sluice, the London-based art initiative for artist-run projects from across the UK and Europe. Projects from Sluice’s network of UK and European galleries will share space with existing Bushwick spaces to forge links and find common ground across a vast geographical sweep.

Exchange Rates invites representatives from kindred art communities to be part of Bushwick’s development. With a common focus on public engagement, artistic collaboration and the transferal of ideas, Exchange Rates will engender creative transaction between galleries, artists, curators and members of the public. There will be 52 galleries and projects participating from 19 different cities around the world. The expo will include several panel discussions, performance events and Norte Maar’s Beat Nite, a late night gallery tour and after-party on Friday. “


Visit for full Exchange Rates info and map.

Email us on for any further information

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A selection of images from Noise Above Noise V 

Artists performing were

Human Heads

Rachael Finney

James Watts

Debbie Sharp 

Rosanne Robertson

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Debbie Sharp and Rosanne Robertson performing for Supersonic Festival ( @supersonicfest ) - Racket- at Stryx 

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Noise Above Noise _Three. “A brilliantly curated and visually stunning night of sound art and performance”- Manchester Finest. 

Noise Above Noise _Three. 

20 February 2014  Doors 6pm. Start 7pm. Finishes 10.45pm.

£3 entry (plus £2 corkage if bringing own bottle) - All door money goes to artists. 

An evening of experimental sound art, indeterminacy and performance all over The Penthouse studios and corridor project space. A Noise above the Noise of everything else. A selection of sound elevated. Everything made at The Penthouse flies from the rooftops. 

Noise Above Noise _Three Artists: 

Rosanne Robertson
Debbie Sharp
Gwendolen Osmond/ Triangle Cuts
Now Wash Your Hands
David Birchall
Kim Foale

(Order to be arranged on day)

Images of Rosanne Robertson and Debbie Sharp from Noise Above Noise _Two (bottom two) by Anne Louise Kershaw for Manchester Finest- See the Article and Follow Anne on twitter 

Listed on the excellent

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A selection of images from Noise Above Noise II- November 28 2013 ft. (in order) Alison Cooper (Magpahi), Manoli Moriaty w/ Frances-Kay, Debbie Sharp, 2 Koi Karp, Rosanne Robertson and Kelly Jayne Jones. 

Photos of Debbie Sharp and Rosanne Robertson by Anne Louise Kershaw

Other photos by Rosanne Robertson

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An evening of experimental sound art, Indeterminacy and performance all over The Penthouse, studios and corridor project space. A Noise above the Noise of everything else. A selection of sound elevated. Everything made at The Penthouse flies from the rooftops. 

Artist’s ‘setups’ and performance space is not differentiated from audience/viewing space- there are no traditional concert setups. Artists perform from all parts of The Penthouse art studios and corridor project space- resulting in a sprawling and refreshingly direct way of experiencing new experimental live sonic art. The Penthouse is a place for making and sharing new experimental art- straight from the studio. 

Recording from Debbie Sharp, Gary Fisher and Matt Dalby at Noise Above Noise One>



Debbie Sharp.

“My practice often works within a space of memory and mortality
im interested in the history of time the ancient and fragments
of life, within a public and personal place.”

For Noise Above Noise One Debbie carried out a live work using amplified surfaces, plaque making, TV static and her voice to create a looped composition and installed work which built into a layered and dark piece. 

2 Koi Karp (open studio).

2 Koi Karp create a conflict of sound using noise/melody, analog/digital, beat/ambience using tapes, kids instruments, vocals and objects.

2 Koi Karp are currently in residence at The Penthouse and will open their studio doors for this occasion- who knows what will come out of it? 

Manoli Moriaty with Frances-Kay.

Manoli Moriaty is a Manchester based sound artist, composer, and performer, working in the areas of noise & electroacoustic/acousmatic composition, whilst also producing techno, electronica, and IDM.

For Noise Above Noise One Manoli will be performing Symbiosis with Fraces- Kay. The sound is provided by a computer based system, involving eight separate modules generating sound through synthesis and live sample manipulation. Using motion sensors the sound will be affected by the movements of Frances-Kay’s live performative piece. 

Rosanne Robertson.

Is a live artist working with sound, objects and action. 

Rosanne Robertson is based at The Penthouse and will be opening her studio to share recent sound making with an immersive experience within her metal studio walls (METAL)! Rosanne is currently obsessed with improvisation, spontaneity, noise and deviance. And metal, vibrating devices and voice. 


is the project of Alison Cooper with Sam Mcloughlin and friends with Falsetto fairytale folk songs and 16th century poems from the black and white birds nest. 

Alison and Sam have also recently performed Echo of Light
Folklore Tapes & the Strangest Thing at Edinburgh Anatomy Lecture Theatre…

“…It’s the nuance and quietly spellbinding tactility of the patchworked musical (and non-musical) ingredients which give flesh to the images whilst leaving so much to the imagination”
Record Flipper

Kelly Jayne Jones

Selected past projects include PROJECTS 96, Museum of Modern Art, New York - A sound commission in collaboration with Haris Epaminonda and TUSK Festival, Newcastle Upon Tyne- Commissioned to collaborate with US and NZ experimental musicians on an improvisation for Balinese Gamelan Instruments.

£3 entry - all entry money goes to artists

(this is actually far too cheap- donate more if you can). 

Donation bar/byob (donate corkage fee) - all drinks profit goes to help running space. 

The bar stocks Red Stripe and also a mulled Cider as well as a variety of soft drinks and chai. We will also be serving vegan curry and snacks so you can come straight from work and have your tea x (you can come early from 6pm and eat during set up if you like). 

We will play one after the other down and around the length of The Penthouse between 7- 10.30pm- more detailed running order and individual approximate start times tba. 


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Be Live at The Penthouse - an evening of live art, sound and installation. 8 June 2013

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