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Instigate Arts presents a night of creative and artistic Do it Yourself, bringing together Manchester and Salford’s cutting edge, innovative and leftfield creatives, collaborators, collectives and spaces. 

For De(Construction) artist directors of The Penthouse Debbie Sharp and Rosanne Robertson present a reverse sculpture that pairs raw materials of construction and the performance of destruction - reducing old hierarchical individualistic monumentalism to the communal experience of dust. 

 Over the past 5 years The Penthouse was born of and incubated by a piece of crumbling modernist architecture, we cooperated and revolted within its dust which we believe still resides within our bodies. Indeterminacy, ephemerality and moments happened within the dust of a previous era with cranes bringing the dreams attached to new concrete blocks all around us. 

Boundaries between our bodies, structures, vibrations were destabilised. The Queer female body within crumbling modernist structure has been an important yet non-formalised part of the experience with both artists exploring structure and the city on their own terms and inviting other artists to do the same. The Dyke body forcing the destruction of built up Penthouse dreams and agitating ideals for an advanced and sleek future brings into force an ‘Other’ power. This power is more attuned to Mother nature who has the force to engulf all into the sediment layers of the Earth. 

The boundaries of the artists’ bodies and the materials of the spaces in which their practices exist renegotiated- De(Constructed) within a live performance. This act is reflective of the ongoing cycle of creation and destruction within DIY and artist led culture- creating a space for freedom.

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A Queer Revolt-    See our new video by film maker Sophie Broadgate of A Queer Revolt- an action by a bunch of riotous Queers occupying the city skyline with a rainbow smoke flag. Organised by The Penthouse as part of IMPOSE||LIFT as part of our curatorship of Bill Drummond’s Curfew Tower- paired with action in Cushendall titled Pinning Our Colours to the Mast in which we raised a rainbow flag at the tower and declared it a Queer space. 

The passerby heard at the end of video shouted “Queers should die”. 

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Call for Artists

NOISE ABOVE NOISE is a new live sound art event by The Penthouse in Manchester city centre. The Penthouse welcome and support experimentation, improvisation, risk taking, challenges and new ideas. NOISE ABOVE NOISE is currently sporadic with views to be monthly. For this event we require artists wishing to try out new ideas and develop new live works. 

What? This is a call for new live work that needs to be heard. We do not care about categories, formats or which terminology you use to describe your work. 

Who? All live and/or sound artists.

Where? The Penthouse is an artist led work space on Hilton Street in Manchester City Centre’s Northern Quarter. Our hands get dirty and our ideas fly from the rooftops. 

Why? Because new sound art is important and we want to share it. 

When? Deadline for this call out is 23 October 2013. From this call we will select 2/3 artists/groups to be part of the next NOISE ABOVE NOISE mid November (date tbc) and we will also select artists to stay on ‘the books’ for future events. 

Money? We don’t have any. There is a suggested donation on the door which can be split between artists for travel expenses. If the night sees more support in coming months then other artists costs will be able to be covered in time.

How to Apply: Send us up to 3 examples of your live work in whichever format you choose to communicate it. Send us a short piece of writing on your proposed piece for the evening. Send to with NOISE in the subject box. 

Things to consider: We are an unconventional space- a 1960’s office block which has barely been done up any since. We are mainly corridor - which is a challenging space to work/perform in. This inbetween space is important to us and we enjoy utilising it in new ways. You have to bring all of your own setup. We have various tables that can be used- we also encourage artists to use the space in as many new ways as they can imagine- tables aren’t always the way. We have many electrical points. 

We look forward to hearing from you

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