Richard Shields- The Future is Bright The Past is Colourful- Preview Thurs 12 July 6-9pm at Paradise Works.
In many ways he went ‘too far’ becoming physically, spiritually and mentally involved with the small town of Cushendall- but that is just...

Richard Shields- The Future is Bright The Past is Colourful- Preview Thurs 12 July 6-9pm at Paradise Works.

In many ways he went ‘too far’ becoming physically, spiritually and mentally involved with the small town of Cushendall- but that is just where he needed to go. His art practice burns as bright as the fire that burns and it comes from the very centre of his being which also burns as bright as the fire that burns as bright as the brightest fire that burns.

The Curfew Tower 2017 Resident Richart Shields is showing a new body of work born of his EVF project devised during his IMPOSE|LIFT residency. Shields is a Manchester based artist from Northern Ireland and was selected for this residency based on his explorative, research based practice combining drawing and performance. This residency focused on the socio political situation of The Curfew Tower and we knew Richard would explore all of the corners of this without holding back.

Shields describes that he has continued to explore issues surrounding the fractious history of his country, offering an alternative Ulster, in which art movements are at the centre of the troubles. Parallels are drawn between what some consider to be elitism within the arts and the secretive nature of Ireland’s paramilitary and masonic style fraternities.

We have had a sneak peek of his new film which is layered with outstanding wit, moments of brilliant connection- wiping our slates clean and welcoming us into a new future.

Join us for the preview this Thursday at Paradise Works 

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The Penthouse Present HIVideo by Balaclava.Q
Date: 1 Dec 2017 – World Aids Day
Time: 7-10.30pm (2 part event back to back with Visual Aids- see below).
The Penthouse at Paradise Works
Paradise Works (2nd floor)
East Phillip Street

The Penthouse Present HIVideo by Balaclava.Q

Date: 1 Dec 2017 – World Aids Day

Time: 7-10.30pm (2 part event back to back with Visual Aids- see below). 


The Penthouse at Paradise Works

Paradise Works (2nd floor)

East Phillip Street


M3 7LE

Donation entry:  £2 to George House Trust. (entry to both screenings).

Tickets: Free from Eventbrite (booking essential) 

This event is included in Manchester’s first Day With(out) Art programme from Superbia.

HIVideo is A Global Exhibition of Video Art for World Aids Day. HIVideo is the moving image strand of Balaclava.Q- an international Queer Art Project and collective, better known as TACTIC 2. HIVideo seeks to promote contemporary dialogue(s) on World Aids Day via video art from both a local and global perspective. HIVideo complements current discourse and the de- stigmatization / -criminalization movement by creating dialogue about HIV/AIDS via art – and the attendant aesthetics and politics.

The 2016 programme is available to view on a newly launched Balaclava.Q YouTube channel here.

In 2016 HIVideo was screened at Manchester’s LGBT Foundation and worldwide across Toronto (Canada), Paris (France), South Africa, Puerto Rico, New Mexico and Oakland (California, US) in galleries, safe spaces and sexual health centres. In 2017 The Penthouse present HIVideo at their home Paradise Works on the Manchester > Salford border. HIVideo brings together international artists and venues across 5 continents to showcase art films which look at HIV/AIDS with the intention of a more direct action approach with a specific theme for artists. Films will be screened on World AIDS Day in Rome, (Italy), Manchester (UK), London (UK), Berlin (Germany), New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Colombia and various other locations across the UK, USA and Europe.

In 2017 Balaclava.Q is working in partnership with RAMP: Recycled Medicine Campaign, LGBT Consortium UK and the global movement Prevention Access Campaign.

The artist films create awareness and promote discourse specifically about the Prevention Access Campaign, a global movement which seeks to educate communities on current findings and statistics which state unequivocally that Undetectable = Untransmissable or U=U as it has been branded by At the very core of this year’s screening is a message about intimacy without fear of transmission. 

This screening is programmed back to back with Visual Aids-  a program of newly commissioned videos by Mykki Blanco, Cheryl Dunye & Ellen Spiro, Reina Gossett, Thomas Allen Harris, Kia Labeija, Tiona Nekkia McClodden and Brontez Purnell titled ALTERNATE ENDINGS, RADICAL BEGINNINGS is the 28th annual iteration of Visual AIDS’ longstanding Day With(out) Art project. Curated by Erin Christovale and Vivian Crockett. This event is part of  Manchester’s first Day With(out) Art programme from Superbia. 

This year’s Greater Manchester serving of HIVideo 2017 is presented by The Penthouse .

The Penthouse is an artist led Dyke|Queer contemporary art project and space based in Manchester founded and ran by artists Rosanne Robertson and Debbie Sharp. Curatorial and research projects are focused on Queer art, radical practices, Queer feminism, experimental and raw art- we consider the power at the margins.

The Penthouse is currently based at Paradise Works in a luxurious corner suite-  a fitting home on the border of Salford and Manchester. Paradise Works is a new artist run initiative providing studios & project space to a community of proactive, intergenerational, contemporary artists established 2017.

HIVideo is produced by Balaclava.Q : An international Queer Art Project and collective. Connecting, promoting and Creating Platforms for Queer artists.

Founded in June 2016 by Stiofan O’Ceallaigh as a reaction to the Orlando, Florida massacre, Balaclava.Q is a not-for-profit and relies solely on the passion, motivation and influence of its volunteers, artists and advocates; an international queer visual art project and collective that asks artists to look at tactics that disrupt, activate, instigate and explore contemporary queer concerns. Currently showcasing works by over 200 international queer artists, this project acts as a platform and connector for artists and audiences.

This project is supported by a grant from Superbia. Superbia Grants provide financial support for LGBT events as part of Manchester Pride’s commitment to the quality and diversity of cultural events taking place throughout the year in Greater Manchester.


Further reading:

Balaclava.Q website                Balaclava Q Twitter

The Penthouse website          The Penthouse Twitter

RAMP:    LGBT Consortium UK:

Prevention Access Campaign:

Further info/ Press enquiries:

Rosanne Robertson (The Penthouse- Founder and Director)

Stiofan O’Ceallaigh (Balaclava.Q – Founder and Director), 2017 - / +7541 23 66 35

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No Snooze Sunday 

(Next event Sunday 7 June, 10am- 12noon) 

is a coffee morning and contemporary art and sound reading and listening group at artist led space The Penthouse in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

+unlimited freshly ground single origin coffee from the gadgety brew bar.
+things on toast such as organic peanut butter and jelly.
+rooftop views of Manchester.

Topics can range widely relating to contemporary art and sound. We mention sound specifically as contemporary art is often confused for just visual art- when it blatantly is not. It may also be interesting to talk about visual art and sound art concurrently. We suggest that texts, essays, chapters are kept at around 20 pages max to be able to discuss enough in the time frame.

There is no theme- at the end of each text another member of the group suggests another which may follow on- and we see where we end up.

The first text is
Found here

The price is £5 entry which gets you pepped up on high quality coffee beans (decaf also available) via siphon and v60 brew bar and a slice of something organic and delicious for breakfast. This leaves a small (pretty small) profit for The Penthouse to help sustain existence.

Please book here to help with preparations/ seating and then pay on the day.

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A Third Face

Preview- Thursday 18th September 6-9pm

Exhibition continues Friday 19th- Sunday 21st September 1-7pm.

A Third Face is an exhibition of drawings and paintings by artists/musicians Rosanne Robertson, Kate Armitage and Joincey. The exhibition will span the corridor project space of artist led space The Penthouse. The exhibition contains long standing and recent relationships with impulsive mark making and a combined interest in repetition, accident and abstract forms.

Rosanne Robertson

I mean I think I enjoy painting them but they are gross to me- they are my smallest inside grossest feelings- like bits of things inside of things, things feeling too big, suppression- in sort of sunshiney colours.

Take a period of time and decide what is relevant during that time- a day or longer- but mainly a day for me as I lose the energy or feeling and never feel the same again. Like if I perform- everything that day comes in to play and has to tick. Today because I knew I was going to paint everything looked and sounded different- some things were glaring at me and some things weren’t.

My heart feels burst open and it feels like there are a million too many connections from there to my brain.

Kate Armitage

I enjoy drawing abstract forms instinctively and impulsively. I prize chance over direct intention. I believe in the unspoiled power of raw art.


sporadically I will attempt to entirely empty out black biros (always BIC) by the process of drawing black rectangles onto pieces of paper. I invariably seek to retain any successfully spent pens but at this time I count only eight in the drawer.


Any press inquiries can be emailed to

Access: There are 4 steps on the ground floor and then a lift up to the 5th floor. The Penthouse corridor space is only 2 meters wide and can be difficult to navigate on busy occasions- but the space is left clear and the opens up into studios at the other end with more room. There is an accessible bathroom on the 2nd floor of the building. 

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