We are looking for a team! See here for our call for assistants which offers cash and a free temporary studio/project space x

Call for Penthouse Assistants

What? The Penthouse are looking for a new small team of assistants to help facilitate events such as Noise Above Noise and an occasional sound art cafe in our corridor project space.

Who? Those interested in artist led projects, new sound art, live art and relationships between art/music and DIY, feminist and Queer activity/events.  

When? Our first event which needs assistance is Noise Above Noisehttps://thepenthousenq.com/post/76652601139/performance-series-noise-above-noise-elevates-Thursday 20th February with an introduction on Wednesday 19th at a time convenient to the applicant. Our next event after that which needs assistance is (RE) Making Peacehttps://thepenthousenq.com/post/76647381835/for-international-womens-day-explore-the-theme - a day of workshops and events for International Women’s Day at The Penthouse. Following that you will be asked to help approximately once a month for half a day or an evening. 

£? We can cover a small fee to cover costs (which will increase for busy events- as we are dependant on door fees to cover costs of the event) and we can also offer free periods of studio and project space which can be arranged depending on your needs. 

Person Specification

  • A keen interest in live art and sound with a good knowledge of current UK arts/sound/music activity. 
  • A keen interest in the running and promoting of artist led DIY art spaces- some experience of facilitating artist led events is preferred but not essential.
  • A welcoming friendly manner and the ability to communicate program information to visitors clearly with an energy that reflects our open and inclusive ethos.
  • The ability to work independently and use initiative in busy environments with lots of things going on.   

To apply 

Email Rosanne and Debbie with a cover letter of up to 500 words including a brief history of any related activity and interests and why you would be interested in working with us as well as any initial plans for the aforementioned offer of temporary studio/project space. Also send a link to your website (if you have one) and a CV. 

Send to thepenthousenq@gmail.com 

Deadline: 2 March

(Please note we are accepting applications over the next few days for assistance with Noise Above Noise- this Thursday 20 Feb)