Queer Art Show 5 explores what it means to REVOKE- to invalidate, reclaim and reverse in the anniversary year of 50 years since partial decriminalisation of the homosexual act with the Sexual Offences Act 1967 . Curated by artist and director of Manchester’s artist & Dyke led project space The Penthouse Debbie Sharp - QAS5 brings together ideas of restrictions, criminalisation and fighting for freedoms within LGBTQ+ lives.

Queer Art Show 5: REVOKE 24-29 August 2017

Preview Event- Thursday 24 August 6-9 pm (Entry donation to Lesbian Immigration Support Group) 

Exhibition continues Friday 25- Tuesday 29 August 1-6pm (except Saturday)

Queer Artists Float Manchester Pride: Saturday 26 August 2017 (show opens at 5pm until late). 

The space of defiance, subversion and perversion is cracked wide open offering a free creative hub for queers, artists and creatives to explore themselves, their art and the idea of what it means to revoke? An exhibition of contemporary Queer art from Manchester based LGBTQ+ artists including HOMOCULT , Queer Day School, Rebel Dykes, Seleena Laverne Daye,  Stiofan O'Ceallaigh & Ron Kibble, Michael Lucas, Debbie Sharp, Rosanne Robertson, Greg Thorpe, Sonny J Barker, Heather Glazzard, Kerry Karlof, Hannah Mclennan Jones and more. 

The Sexual Offences Act of 1967 focused on private space- sexual acts were now not deemed criminal if in a private space between two consenting men over 21. In response to the act of controlling homosexual lives within private space QAS5 celebrates the public space as with newly commissioned public intervention piece titled Fly for Freedom by Debbie Sharp which invites 100 members of the public to fly a rainbow kite for freedom in a central public Manchester space. QAS5 also takes to the Manchester Pride parade with a Queer artists float celebrating Queer art, expression and visibility. 

How do our legal systems, religious systems and societal structures affect Queer lives and what does it mean to the importance for the space and support of today’s Queer art? In a current cultural landscape of looking back at radical Queer practices as with Queer British Art exhibition at Tate Britain we concentrate on the now. Queer Art Show 5 was brought into existence based on a distinct lack of Queer art, DIY action and critical and political discussion over the period of Manchester Pride in 2010. QAS5 operates with the ethos of Queery Everything- explore ourselves, our art and our spaces for freedom and defiance in the face of homophobia. Queer Art Show 5 welcomes all to share this space in celebration, defiance and solidarity.

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This project is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

This project is supported by Superbia - Manchester Pride’s year-round calendar of cultural events