Announcing current Curfew Tower, IMPOSE||LIFT artists in residence- Juliet Davis and Hannah Leighton-Boyce.

The Penthouse are happy to announce the next artists to take on The Curfew Tower and call Cushendall their home are Juliet Davis and Hannah Leighton-Boyce selected due to their responsive and process driven practices that revel in the power of the moment. 

“We will be travelling to Cushendall by bike and ferry, taking the time to physically experience the journey, going against accelerations of time to re-engage with our own rhythms. This slowing down will allow conversations between ourselves and people we meet along the way to grow and develop, and will prepare us for the experience of restriction embodied in The Curfew Tower.

Throughout the residency we will continue to explore the contrast between the liberation experienced through movement/travelling and the physicality of restriction in relation to gender, the body, landscape and the voice. During the whole of the residency we will be ‘unavailable’ and ‘inactive’, exchanging the dissembodied interaction of screen based presence and the ‘being’ or ‘online voice’ (communication criticized for resounding within an echo chamber) with the isolation of the tower and physical presence of being in and engaging with life and people in Cushendall.

We will be developing conversations around physicality and power of the voice as pure sound expression, its universality, physicality and intimacy as way of listening, sharing, resisting and opposing”. 

Juliet Davis: 

The works Juliet Davis creates take hybrid forms between live performance, intervention, installation, video and publication; exploring both lived, experienced spaces and the gaps between social conventions to propose new ways to inhabit the everyday. Davis uses pre-existing movements, situations, words or shapes from our daily lives which are shifted and made uncanny, creating awkward situations which blur the lines between ‘art’ and life.

Juliet Davis studied a BA Visual Art at EESAB School (Rennes, France) and BA Interactive Arts (Manchester School of Art, UK), and graduated from an MFA at EESAB Rennes in 2014. She has exhibited, performed and given talks and workshops in various art centers and festivals including Bétonsalon (Paris), Inact (Strasbourg), Excentricités (Besançon), BaM// (Chambéry) Manchester Art Gallery and The Whitworth Art Gallery (Manchester), The Manchester Contemporary (Manchester), BALTIC (Newcastle-Gateshead), Harris Flights (Preston), HEAD (Geneva), and Depo (Istanbul). She’s co-founder of LEGROOM with artist/choreographer Amy Lawrence, a movement/art platform exploring the possibilities of what movement can be, which has recently opened a space in Manchester city centre, supported by Castlefield Gallery New Art Spaces.

Hannah Leighton-Boyce

Hannah Leighton-Boyce is a Manchester based artist whose works explore present day and historical narratives surrounding objects and place through site-specific actions, sculpture, drawing, sound and installation. Her working process combines research and an exploration of process and materials. She is interested the performative nature of objects; the qualities of surface, stories and impressions made on it by its original function and points of friction between these narratives, surfaces, and ourselves.

Recent works have derived from museum archives and found objects that explore politics of labour and industrial legacy including; a collaborative live sculpture made with residents of Helmshore, Lancashire (2014), set within the context of the area’s industrial heritage; and a sound installation at Touchstones Rochdale (2016) funded by a New Opportunities Award, which explored the resonant properties and work history of objects from the museum’s collection. She is currently developing research through a residency at Glasgow Women’s Library for an exhibition at Castlefield Gallery in 2018.

Images (top to bottom)

Hannah Leighton-Boyce- The Event of the Thread (2014)

Juliet Davis- MULL IT OVER (with them), durational intervention by LEGROOM in the Whitworth Art Gallery, WARP Festival, 2016. image: from video by Sophie Broadgate

Juliet Davis- I was the assembly hall, video by Juliet Davis, Sophie Lee and Horace Lindezey, part of Outsiderxchanges project, 2016.

Hannah Leighton-Boyce- Instruments of Industry (2016)