Announcing next Curfew Tower 17 IMPOSE||LIFT artists in residence: 

Mary Stark and David Chatton Barker

Since meeting at a carboot sale in 2014, Mary Stark & David Chatton Barker fell in love and began continuously documenting their everyday lives through tape recording, photography, hi8 video and 16mm film. They have collaboratively produced a number of tracks released through Folklore Tapes, as well as an EP ‘Instantaneous Spontaneity’ in spring 2017 through Hoodfaire The act of making artworks as gifts for one other has resulted in a private archive of multifarious items such as a number of vinyl dubplates, text works, zines and photographic prints.

More recently Mary & David have created expanded cinema performances with live soundtracks, often involving playful exploration of light and analogue projection, handmade instruments and drawing upon domestic rituals, such as bread making and headstands. Field trips to remote rural locations and megalithic sites allow underlying energies and ephemeral aspects of the landscape to lead them serendipitously astray in elemental improvisations, interventions and unplanned performances, always documented through sound recording and film. They recently performed at Rogue Cinema in Manchester, CineCycle in Toronto and Supernormal Festival in Oxfordshire.