The Penthouse artist Rosanne Robertson calls for support for project Marginal Visibility: 

“There are but 10 days left to crowdfund for the book for my project exploring the modern condition of anxiety via art forms such as performance sculpture, assemblage and sound with a focus on female artists. This will include my own work developed as part of the over all project and also key female artists from the more famous to the overlooked- the written about and the relatively unknown.

I recently had an idea for a new title which is ‘Too Much’ after titling some new works with the same title- these works were depicting a numbness and anger that occurs at the same time in my brain- an oppression but also an excitement to burst out. Perhaps this burst is to intervene. I then read this statement by Carolee Shneemann:

‘Our best development grows from works which initially strike us as “too much”… ’

By helping fund the book you will receive a copy and can also essentially collect a work from the project- hopefully this is more than just asking for some money but making something happen and sharing it. Please do help link it up to any networks you think may find it interesting or who could help with contributions. Very grateful for the 28% so far and the private anonymous donation that was made yesterday. 

See the indiegogo campaign for further details X