Be Live


An evening of live art, sound, installation and a need to be present from: 

Rosanne Robertson 

Debbie Sharp & 

Emma- Ruth Richards 

2 Koi Karp (Louise Woodcock & Neil Francis)

Penny Arcade &

Leslie Deere 

Mary Stark 

Rachael Field 

Kim Foale 

Graham Taylor 

Benjamin McChrystal Plimmer

Josh Horsley

Be Live as part of From The Rooftops at The Penthouse offers up a multi-sensory evening of art that pushes for something new in a place where risks can be taken. Be Live- asks for heightened presence from both artist and audience. 

The evening will be an exploration into the moment. We are interested in the personal as shared experience and the shared live art space as politically and socially important. Our use of an image of Valerie Solanas in the poster acts as a direct link to artist as risk taker. 

This is not an exhibition
This is not a gig
This is not a sound night
This is not theater
This is not cabaret 
This is not a protest
This is not underground
This is not mainstream

But it may contain parts of all of the above. 

This is an accessible event with audio / visual / touchable art accompanied by a new communication tool developed by The Penthouse to communicate artist led work in new ways. Our audio/visual brochure with allows for a wider context to be made available to those who a piece of paper with reels of small black printed text is not much use to. 

Suggested entry donation: £5 (£4 unemployed/ artist/ concession). 

Please note although in this country are not used to paying for art outside of the theater or music hall- it is not unreasonable to do so. This modest donation means that you as audience are part of the production and showing of new art. This is part and parcel of the concept of BE LIVE.

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